In June of 2012 MD Barber Supply hosted the very first Barber Battle in Long Beach, California. The phenomenal success of this first Battle at the Long Beach Beauty Expo has inspired all of us. Seeing the absolutely, amazing talent presented during this Battle told us that YES! We are on the right track! We are on the road to crossing the country, making MD Barber Supply the host for...

MD Barber Battle:
The Official Barber Battle for the Professional Barber!

Aside from getting to hang out with other barbers, share stories and brag a bit what is so important about these battles?

It's not just about cutting hair!

We want to inspire new barbers. We want to offer a place for camaraderie. We want to reward Excellence in the Barbering Trade and inspire Excellence and Professionalism with the Brotherhood of Barbers!

Yours is a unique and skilled profession and should be honored as such! Walk Proud when you enter the Battle Arena for you ARE a Professional Barber!